Color Obsessed

Maybe it is just this week. The bare branches and the grey days. Spring is teasing us this week- giving us hope that winter may soon be over. How happy is that first Daffodil poking through dirt in Spring? A bright yellow beacon of enthusiasm that promises warmer days ahead. We blogged about color inspiration last week and I just can't get away. My favorites are the muted tones with a bright splash. Grey and daisy yellow. Black and apple green. Navy and lavender. Tan and Coral. Check out Nashville based Anna Maria Horner and her beautiful color inspirations. She is the ultimate mixed medium artist. Her love of fabrics and patterns spilled onto her fine art canvases with both small and large scale paintings. Just goes to show- one inspiration can spill into the next.

P.S. Her studio scraps are for those of us who can't commit to just one bolt of fabric.


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