Vintage Wedding Film Restoration Specialists, too!

My mom's Dad was a Dentist...and a home movie maker.
He bought a 16 mm film camera sometime in the
mid 30's and did a fair job of documenting the family for 30 some years.
(A camera cost about $150 in 1935 and a car cost about $600).

I got a hold of the films and restored most of them...
(another service we offer at BMC)
Some of the early films were nearly un-playable. but with a lot of time and love, I managed to transfer and restore all but the first one or two reels (about 40 in all).

The DeWald Wedding-1939 on the Buzz Media Company website is footage of my grandparent's friend's wedding.
This film was literally crumbling apart as I hand fed it thru the projector.

I was going to add the tag
"We've been filming weddings for over 70 years"
but figured I'd give my grandfather, Eugene Klein, the credit. I think he did a pretty good job!

There's a lot more to the story about the films getting to me
and doing the restoration (more later) but there is the quick sheet.
Below is a low resolution version of what's on he website. Enjoy!

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