candid moments.

At our wedding, I remember my oldest friend from childhood made a special point to pull me aside and tell me to make sure I got a "girlfriend shot". I am so glad she did. I just wish there were more of them- the candid, in-between, silly moments that make your friends and family, well... your friends and family. The mid-celebration, hair down fun that makes your day come alive again.

More and more the trend is photo booths and photo lounges... a curtain-drawn space to let your guests go in as groups or couples and be in the moment of celebration. We recently had fun meeting Geoff Gordon of Photo Booth Planet who captures the iconic, vintage style photo booth perfect for an outdoor or whimsical style wedding. He overseas the booth and puts together a lovely scrapbook of images and notes from your guests- and even prints doubles so they get a copy! The photos pop out in the three stack images - a hipper, sleeker throw back to memories made at afternoons at the roller rink!

Our friends at Snap Photography in Providence have the perfect, upscale photo lounge to set up in your indoor or outdoor reception space. The space is perfect for bigger groups to get theatrical and bring a Sundance Film Festival vibe (ever see those cool celebrity candid shots from the set up they have there?) to your photo memories!

Both are priced well under $2000 and seem to be the perfect addition to your celebration!

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