mix tape=love. the power of music.

Music is a big part of Buzz. Mike is a musician and by trade his roots are in the music industry. Sure, our goal is to artfully capture the moving images but it isn't until it is set to the perfect soundtrack that the film shorts come alive. Music emotes. It isn't a new concept.

Remember back in the day, the ultimate gift was a mix tape? Compilation CD's definitely rate, but nothing beats a mix tape. The sheer arduous task of manual fades made them a true labor of love. The ultimate reflection of the giver's patience & creative juices. The extra long pauses and the awkward audio moments were all part of the treasure. I still own every mix tape ever gifted complete with the hand-written liner notes and magazine collages on the inside flap. This image from Sparkle Power made me smirk. It captures that pure and innocent breed of love... among youthful friends and first loves.

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