white inspiration.

Okay, I will admit it. This post has nothing to do with weddings. But it does speak to creativity, stretching a budget, having vision and expressing your inner designer- all very useful to wedding planning.

So this blog out of Alberta, Canada is my new favorite. Life in the Fun Lane is a very inspirational and practical blog from a woman named Holly home on maternity leave with her new baby, Wren. She has turned home decor on a budget into a lifestyle- and it appears, a new career. She is a guru at taking flea market finds and giving them her unique, clean white flair with just a bit of elbow grease and a big dose of style. Her look is clean & modern & feminine white on white against dark stained floors. Her sleek look would be a wonderful wedding decor to build on. For the rest of us new homeowners, perfect inspirational ideas while we slowly build our house into a home.


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