There are so many fantastic bloggers out there creating their own slice of a cyber journal. Every day droves of women (Mike has no interest in this blogging thing but enjoys reading mine) go window shopping in the blogosphere looking for inspiration in their respective fields. It is a beautiful thing how events, images, design, decor, fashion and travel come together together in so many wonderful blogs. Its a good gig, really, this 'looking for inspiration' thing. Blogging has become a morning ritual as habit forming as my first creamy cup of coffee.

But today? Nothing- zippo, zilch, nada. Maybe it is the head cold (Lucy's first grade class is surely a breeding ground) or the cooler temperatures and rainy forecast that has me drawing a blank.

This tank from Forever 21 gave me a giggle. I love the feeling when you find the image, the idea, the film clip, the song, the room, the landscape that puts the inspiration engine back on track. Probably tomorrow. It may just be about chicken soup and wool scarves....


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