Hana Floral Design

Photo found herecourtesy of Maggie Conley Photography
Photo found herecourtesy of Justin and Mary Marantz

While editing a recent wedding, we were struck by how a beautiful setting and wonderful couple certainly makes a wedding memorable. But at this wedding for Misha and Stephen on a grey day in June- it was the flowers that took the day the extra mile towards memorable and just popped! Enjoy this short Highlight from Buzz...flowers and all!


This posting is long overdue to highlight talented friend and floral designer Yumiko of Hana Floral. Her manner is easy and fun and her shop in Mystic is just that perfect balance of adorable and modern. Sometime this summer, Mike and I were out for our a morning walk and passed by her shop bustling with design, deliveries and beautiful bouquets getting ready for a particularly busy wedding weekend. With all the activity, Yumiko still had time to chat for a few moments, compare notes and give us the best tips on everything from paint color to marketing. As we left, we felt like Yumiko would surely be one of Mr. Rogers favorites on his infamous walks through the neighborhood.

These photos are examples of some of her beautiful work- images courtesy of our other favorites (and possibly next stop for Mr. Rogers?) Maggie Conley and Justin and Mary Marantz.


  1. I heart Hana Floral design - she comes up with SUCH beautiful concepts!!

  2. thank you erica and mike! what kind words~ thank you!

    and i'm loving the reference to mr. rogers~ one of my childhood faves!!!


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