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When we were down in Florida last week, my mom had me watch the New York Times video on no-knead perfect bread that seems to be all the buzz. Why is this bread so special? It boils down to the standard recipe of water + flour+ yeast+ salt with a slight variation on preparation and how it is baked to deliver European bakery style bread every time. I post this because a.] we are hot-dense-chewy bread-with-a-crunch-on-the-crust connoisseurs...and you may be, too b.] it justifies my two year longing to purchase a la creuset iron castware pot c.] the power of a video to inspire, inform and delight.

The written article served a purpose, but the video gave me the sense I was getting an informal, personal baking lesson from one of New York's best. As we do more commercial film work for websites and promotion, we are so fortunate get opportunities to document a 'day in the life' of so many diverse industries and fascinating entrepreneurs-not unlike this video visiting Sullivan Street Bakery.

In this case, the power of video simply brought me one step closer to the perfect loaf of bread. Mangia!

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