al fresco.

We are in the process of painting our house {there is a God. goodbye teal and purple} and sprucing up our deck. With the cost of doing it right with the best restoration paint company {and pretty great brother-in-law!} it leaves little else in the way of budget for decor. Some of the coveted deck lounges, tables and grill {I love the side burner for corn or lobster to avoid the stove and indoor steam in summer} may have to wait another season. These images are a healthy reminder that the loveliest outdoor dinner parties have nothing to do with having the best furniture. This summer, we may just have to invest in mason jars, eclectic linens and bistro lights instead. Leaves more room to focus on good food and friends....



  1. Mmmm...candle light dinner parties out in the summer air sounds incredibly amazing. I'm getting the warm and fuzzies picturing it :)

  2. right?! Lovin' the outdoor eating on some of these nights that feel like high summer already.


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