the art of the bookshelf.

Mike works his tail feather off. Every week is six days of work, one day of rest. And by rest, I mean his seven year old bouncing on him and repeatedly chanting 'daddy, chase me'. He always put his clients, daughter and me before his own needs. This weeks 'day of rest' was spent yet again, doing something for someone else. This time, it was me. We are not elaborate gift givers and focus more on the gestures--so when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, this wish immediately came to mind. I feel so grateful and excited-and a bit guilty. But giddy with excitement, just the same. It means so much that this gift had so much heart {and sweat} go into it.

It is the art of the bookcase. Our country kitchen has a warm, rustic feel and really is the heart of our home. But it has been bugging me that we have a bit too much oak going on. So for two years, I have been nagging to paint our bookshelves white and revamp it for a clean, monochromatic look. After Mike spent the day on the deck in the hot sun sanding, priming, lugging and painting- it looks like these beauties are ready to hang. It is really theraputic to edit out the chaos for whites, tans, neutrals and browns and select just the most meaningful and sentimental to showcase. A little 'this-is-your-life' shrine, of sorts. These photos give some inspiration.

With fixer upper projects all around, it will be a beautiful thing to have at least this wall, finally done. Can't wait to get my hands on it after work today and post a few photos and see what you think!


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