leave it to cali.

how great is this logo above?

I love {and yes I'll admit it, hate} it when an idea I think is uniquely my own, gets put into action before I get a chance! Leave it to gastronomically advanced Northern California to bring this vision alive. On NPR last week, I had a 'driveway moment' {as they call it when you sit in your car at your destination just to hear the end of a story} listening to this great new concept in food. A group of professional chefs in San Francisco who got disenchanted by the overhead and risk of having a bricks and mortar restaurant decided to bring food to the people, in different funky locations every two to three weeks. The pop up general store is built on the concept of promoting artisanal + organic food companies who may not have the capital or marketing engine to get the word out on their own. Cottage industry meets artisanal yumminess. My kind of business plan.

The Pop up General Store is more than a farmers market. They have an online shop to pre purchase orders, unique locations like Temescal streetcar depot to showcase the hidden gems of the region, a central general store check out and a fantastic line up of cooking classes. They are working on their website, but check out the recipes and descriptions on their blog.

I wonder if they want a new location on the East Coast for their next pop up? I may have just the place.


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