the perfect kiss.

We see our fair share of wedding ceremonies. Between the weddings at the winery and the several dozen we film each year, there are some aspects that remain the same. The look of anticipation on the grooms face, the teary and intense eye to eye contact, the nervous laughter, big smiles and tightly held hands. It is so special to bear witness to these moments in peoples lives and watch love come alive in its purest form.

But ah... the kiss. Those are all different. After watching a few ceremonies on film while Mike edits, I've been known to ask if I was too enthusiastic when we kissed at our wedding. Mike responded 'are you kidding me? It was perfect.' But I still wondered, should I have been more demure, more reserved ..maybe given more of a 'lady-like' peck on the lips like I see so often?

Our ceremony was one of my favorite parts of our wedding day. It was so us. There were many moments that stood out: from getting the first glimpse of all the friends and family that traveled so far to be at our destination wedding, to choosing somewhat unique but meaningful processional songs, to giggles and tears I wish I could've controlled, to writing our own vows from the heart and having our dear friend officiate... Even as poignant as these were, most of the ceremony was a blur. I do, though, have a vivid memory of resisting the urge to kiss him for the twenty minutes until cued. When we were finally announced, I got wrapped up in the most warm, sweet and wonderful kiss with my new husband.

Judging from our photos, I was this girl. {and how gorgeous is she in this dress at this location?} I love how she throws her arms around his neck, leans in and gets lost in the moment. So go ahead, make the first kiss together your own-- and when you do those are, hands down, the most perfect kisses.


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