sweet simran.

It is funny how weddings have almost become a family business.

My smart, beautiful and modest cousin is wisely taking the sweet route to the wedding industry. After graduating Princeton, she decided to pursue her true passion of all things pastry. This led her to the Culinary Institute in Napa and she settled in Northern California. When our wedding plans were starting to take shape a few years ago, Simran graciously volunteered to make our wedding cake. With a few questions from her and very little input from me, she made exactly what I pictured for our seaside wedding. It had the most classic lines, beachy feel and absolutely delicious. {underneath that cream fondant was the most rich dark chocolate and rasberry ganache!}

As a very DIY wedding, her help that day {literally} takes the cake. She researched and tested different ideas leading up to our wedding. When the time came, she prepared and froze the cake layers and packed them in carry on for her long flight from Northern California to southern Florida! She spent the entire wedding day in the kitchen preparing, baking and sculpting the final touches. It was perfect. Such a memorable and meaningful gift to both of us.

Simran has worked for some of the finest culinary leaders in the industry and at a range of world class locations including French Laundry, Cyrus and now in Beverly Hills working for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. Although our family has a few culinary accomplishments {my mom has several published cookbooks} Simran is definitely the most well-schooled foodie in the bunch!

And now Simran's sweet new business, Swinkels Cakes is getting some great press! Way to go, Sim.

If you are considering a dedicated, creative and yes, sweet pastry chef for your wedding, Swinkels Cakes might just be the one.

I hear she travels. {Her carry-on bag packs a punch.}


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