katie + tucker: nantucket, ma

katie + tucker from Buzz Media Company on Vimeo.

As our sporadic posts suggest, we are in full holiday swing. The studio is buzzing {sorry} with activity, creative plans for 2011 and wrapping, lots and lots of wrapping. We are wrapping up more than just gifts this year. A final wrap on many projects and the close of 2010. There are so many clients and new friends to be grateful for as we reach the end of a very rewarding 2010.

We thought we would take pause to share a recent short film. This one is special. We blogged about Katie and Tucker's ten year vow renewals a few months ago. Sure, it was a perfect beach sunset in Nantucket, intimate gathering and a festive reception at a fantastic Mexican bistro in town. But it is how this highlight {done exclusively in Vintage Super 8 film} shines a light on the real beauty of marriage found in family, simplicity, joy and gratitude. As the hectic 'keeping up' pace has a way of consuming us all during the holidays, this is a gentle reminder of what it should all be about.

We found new friends in Katie and Tucker and are so grateful they shared their meaningful, intimate celebration with us.
It is worth taking a moment to pause and reflect on your own family and friends by watching this to the end- and you may just tear up a little. We did.

{erica+ mike}


  1. I'm just now getting to see this, and ooooooooooooooooooooh, have you outdone yourselves! So sweet and gorgeous and full of those moments we all wish to capture. Amazing!

  2. Hey Anna, Thanks for checking this out.
    Such a wonderful family.
    Oh sweet summer of love...


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