mind travel.

This is the location of my head this sunny but cold January Monday. These are from the lovely Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

An all-inclusive getaway with yoga on the beach, grilled seafood and spa treatments seems about perfect to me lately. As a hit-the-road, submerse-in-the-culture, major-in-foreign-language kinda girl this is not my typical preference. But after a long New England winter, these images are calling my name. More research to share on some of the best deals, the best reviews and the best pricing I find. Might be useful to those of us out there who need a pre-moon, a honeymoon, a destination wedding or simply, a long overdue reason to completely unplug. With projects on deck straight through until early April, booking a trip in Spring could make this busy season {wait, I thought May-October was busy season?!} fly by. Need more inspiration? Check out the Costa Rica promotional piece Buzz did last year for another fantastic location. I can smell the tropical flowers watching this one!

I attribute this new obsession to all the Netflix streaming of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations show we have been watching and Miss Sarah sending out a message for hot tropic resort ideas! Thanks guys, the travel wheels are spinning.



  1. that looks incredible! would be a great place to unwind before your second busy season! :o)

  2. I know, Lauren.....we all need a getaway like this with the January we have had so far!.... thanks for stopping by.


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