We were lucky enough to travel up to Saratoga Springs, NY this weekend to shoot Chrissy and Mike's gorgeous, elegant and fun wedding. Fabulous town, wonderful couple and some pretty hilarious dance moves. Much more to follow.

When we first arrived to town, we pulled into a great wine shop that recommended Max London's for dinner. Small plates, eclectic menu, great decor and fabulous martinis. Sold. What followed was the best tutorial from the master mixologist on the methods and magic that went into her fantastic infused vodkas.
The key, as always, is starting with quality base. Her recommendation is Viking Fjord Potato vodka and then learning how long each infusion took. House infused pear martini? Ten days with Bartlett Pears. Mikes spicy "Hot and Dirty" house infused chili pepper vodka (two days for the jalapeno soak) for the best dirty martini on the planet.

It got us thinking about creating our own infusions for the holidays. This book may help- Jam it, pickle it, cure it. Our neighbor made us some pickles with his home grown cucumbers in a cure that needs to be packaged and sold. A delicate mix of garlic, dill and something we can't put our finger on and he will not reveal. The pickle juice is so good we saved it long after the pickles were gone. This bartender recommended using that as a vermouth for our own house made dirty martinis. Thanksgiving plans all of a sudden got just a tad more festive.

{erica + mike}

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  1. SO great to meet/see you both tonight - hope it won't be too long until the next time!


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