sweet +succulent

Thanksgiving has me a bit obsessed these days. Farm table arrived this week. Check. Menu planned. Check. Shopping list made and wine purchased. Check. I guess that leaves centerpieces. On Thanksgiving, I know everyone is way more interested in the tenderness of the turkey and the football score but I can't seem to get the runner decor out of my head. It brings me to my latest fixation. Succulents. They are all over the outdoor, arid and sunny California wedding scene and I can't get enough. Especially with a name like succulent.

I definitely have a thing for low centerpieces and collections and this find, courtesy of old sweet song blog is a new etsy favorite. Greenware design is a collaboration between two longtime friends. One a potter. One a planter. For less than $50 they might have the sweet and ready made solution for my farm table Thanksgiving vision afterall!


  1. LOVE the bouquet - beautiful colors. And with the chair...perfect simplicity.

  2. Just heard from the breeder - 2 black males and 2 black females still available.....I'm just saying ;)

    Many photos will be coming no doubt after our visit next Sunday :)

    Hope you had a good weekend!


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