urban chic.

We are looking forward to a birthday soiree this Saturday for a friend. At the bottom of the uber-hip invite for a night that promises to be fantastic, the dress is described as 'urban chic'. Love that descriptor. But now, I feel the pressure to pick that perfect outfit.

When it comes to weddings, that pressure can be tenfold as brides try to find that one look, that one style, that one gown. Maybe a bit indulgent- but why not get more than one? This concept is not new. In traditional Indian and Japanese weddings, it is customary change into more than one dress on the wedding day. Love it when old world tradition backs up an indulgence.

It may seem extreme to change completely so more and more we see brides simply add a new design element to their gown. We filmed a beautiful Newport wedding this summer where a very elegant, strapless silhouette gown took Michelle down the aisle but a rouched one shoulder strap from Vera Wang brought her onto the dance floor. Beautiful! Here is Michelle in her gown walking down the aisle with her dad:

And later with her husband while peeking in on the wedding party introductions and dance moves. Love the Michelle Obama-esque inspired one-shoulder strap

Or what about these darling dresses?
I could picture these at a New York City loft reception.

Elegant. Hip and yep. Urban Chic.


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