wild wedding venue.

What else is there to do on a sunny and downright balmy late November afternoon then visit the zoo? Come noon on Sunday we were on our way to the Roger Williams Zoo with two first graders in tow. For me it had been years (decades?) but what a treat. While not the Providence Zoo is not really the ultimate in animal accommodations-it was well laid out and the wild animals seem generally content, clean and comfortable... a big plus as I am torn how I feel about the zoo concept, at times.

It never ceases to amaze me the enthusiasm you can tap into when you build a day around six year old girls. Lucy C. (ours) and Lucy T (her BFF- who, by the way, refer to each other by first name and first initial of their last name in case there is any confusion) were off and running.

The monkeys made us giggle with their teenage boy kinetic energy and clowning antics while the mama and baby giraffe were pure feminine elegance with their long eyelashes, gentle affection and graceful necks. It is easy to understand after a day at the zoo how Pixar gets such great inspiration for their animal animation.

I've always thought it would be fun to host a big event at an established Metropolitan Zoo and the creative inspiration you could have with invitations. Alas, on the new (to me) favorite blog, Erin Ever After today- she was all over it. Not for everybody, but how cool is it to have creatures big and small, nearby and in the far corners of the zoo settling into their evening rituals with their families- somehow a part of your wedding day?


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