Admittedly, we are doing pretty well on day four of 2011. We headed to the gym at the crack of dawn this morning, baked homemade wheat bread last night and put our shopping list on an excel spreadsheet with multiple copies in our newly organized junk drawer. We even spent time over dinner jotting our top five goals/resolutions list on a napkin. So it should feel good, right?

Sorta. But after seeing this, it may be time to scrap the top five list and take Ghandi's lead on this one. Seems to have all the resolutions we need to make this year even more rewarding and meaningful than the last. Happy 2011, everyone.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an Excel spreadsheet for my grocery list :)

    Here's to being Type - A!!!!

  2. Ghandi's Top Ten! Love It!

  3. hey Karen and Amanda----thanks for popping in and leaving a message. So funny Amanda that we are the same that way... Type A's are people, too! : )

    happy new year, ladies.


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